Basics of Reading Astrology Charts

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Join Joleen from Sacred Eclipse Yoga and Astrology for a fun and interactive workshop highlighting the basics of reading Astrology natal(birth) charts! 

This is a beginner workshop where we will discuss

  1. What is a natal/birth chart and its significance to your personal astrology journey,
  2. How to identify your "Big 3": Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, and what these mean
  3. Next steps in digging deeper (houses, transits, horoscopes, etc.),

Please provide your birth date, birth place, and birth time and we will generate a copy of your chart for use during the workshop. The one hour period includes group discussion and a 5-7 minute personal consultation with Joleen!

Fee: $25

Saturday, 04/23/2022, 10:00 AM

6 Participants MAX, call now to book (224) 255-5858