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This is designed to teach you about the Clairs connected to Psychic Abilities. This Class runs 90 minutes plus.

  • Which crystals and meditations to use for Chakra Clearing
  • How to Open and Strengthen your Intuitive Psychic Abilities
  • Additional techniques such as Tarot cards, Picture Reading and Automatic Writing
  • Tools used to Protect and Ground yourself
  • Third Eye Chakra Meditation - 15 minutes
  • Knowing your Spirit Guides
  • Protecting and Grounding your Energy
  • Clairs Exercises
  • Picture Practicing
  • Psychic Books

9/25/21 10:00 AM at Be of Good JuJu, Plainfield Location

We ask every person to bring in an object of the living or deceased as well as an image of someone living or deceased, including animals.

The key is practicing, listening to your inner voice and not second-guessing information received from above.

Each class can only have a maximum of  8 participants. Cost is $30 per person.